Victoria Penn Creator Interviews

Season 1

Buddy TV Interview
An interview with the show runner shocks fandom with the reveal that the creator is a woman and that she reads some internet forums. She uses the term "Dominion Xenas" in the interview. Many forums play "guess the sockpuppet" and several skittish bloggers take down fic and lock their posts. The LJ community, dominion_xenas stops accepting new members, spawning the new communities: grimms_wenches and grimms_xenas

Pixie Dust Campaign

Another interview with the show runner reveals that a second season is being discussed. Fandom unites and sends "Pixie Dust" (glitter tubes) with postcards relating to fairy tales. Example text: Once Upon A Time, Grimms was renewed for another season. And Season 2 Grimms: just sprinkle pixie dust.

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