The Ships

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These are the more prolific/shared pairings that come from fandom as noted on LJ's dailycypher newsletter.

It is, of course, impossible to list or categorize all variations explored by fandom. The show has canon bisexuals - so it is a given that Dante and Chester are paired with everyone. The show also taps on fairy tales, gaming and pop culture and lends itself to crossovers.

Notably: Cheshires are often gateway characters to justify Dark Angel Crossovers - X5s are often morphed into Chesires, or transhumans with teleport powers are said to have "chesire in the cocktail".

Note on Cheshire Cats and Kinks
In canon, they do not appear interested in anything other than humans and superhumans. (An oooo, pretty trait unconsciously transfered from their creator.)

In fanon, especially the kink memes, they also have a taste for subhumans and several pain and bloodplay fetishes.

Another common fanon is to have Chester or Dante go into heat with various side effects - most often dubcon or bloodplay.

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