Ryan Grimm

Jensen Ackles as Ryan Grimm

The eldest of the Grimm orphans, Ryan has always been the one to look out for Rebecca (Alona Tal). As a gaming programmer for an upcoming software house, Ryan's life is finally looking up. Until one night at work, he goes to deliver a chip to the server room and finds himself "displaced" to an alternate dimension. People there act as if he's a hero, and Ryan soon discovers, ready or not, he needs to be one.

At first overwhelmed by the magic he now wields, Ryan is only concerned with finding his way home. Once joined by Rebecca, he slowly comes to terms with his family's legacy and begins to truly care about the people they meet. He's slowly revealed to be a strong man - physically, mentally and morally - and well suited for the role of Champion in the Dominion.

actually heroic - NOT anti-hero

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