Ryan/Dante 'Ship

Kat says:
cause I actually want to have Ryan be straight and hug and hold Dante and be ok that Dante needs to hold on
Kat says:
at the end of 109 - Chester is the bad guy and Dante had to choose between his possible father and the Grimms
and he picks the Grimms
and just breaks down sobbing because he wanted a family so badly
Sara says:
MetalliBitch Clex says:
Kat says:
and because it's a DADDY issue he just turns and grabs on to Ryan instead of Rebecca
and Ryan just sits with him slightly rocking
and that's how the episode ends
MetalliBitch Clex says:
And, lo, another slash pairing was born.
Kat says:
After 109 "The Twelve Brothers"
There's more critical GLBT praise for the show for the end scene, where a distraught Dante is physically comforted by Ryan and not Rebecca.

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