Programmers Grimm

A throwaway line in the pilot - this becomes an indicator in fan fiction, vids, etc that the characters are being used in a Gen sense, sibling affection only.

As opposed to R2/Grimmcest

The siblings have had a storybook life, the worse kind - orphaned as infants, they've fought all their lives to keep their small family together. Now, with EA Executive Charles Chester's patronage, it looks like they're finally going to get their happy ending. this has been dropped. Their family is never mentioned, to the writers, they are orphans, the rest leave to fanfic.

The Grimms can do magic because they can program Ryan finds that certain objects - like books, swords - he sees code in them and if he overwrites the code, he changes reality so he can litterally add life back and health x and limbs and he can block the people from being avvies he switches their available status to N Rebecca can do it too but she's freaked out by it much more but basically, the Grimms sit there with their glasses and their books and "write the stories" just like the Brothers Grimm did and in doing so they start sealing the seams between dimensions
does that break parts of the game? yes but I'm actually not coming back to reality dimension ever once Chester breaks through to home

they kinda are ok being there Ryan and Rebecca are "home" with each other

From Bremen, Ryan and Rebecca should try to establish a base - a place where their items are safely stored and where medical help is available.

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