Screener Version

Pre Series Internet Hack

There's just a title card and episode placcard and this there's a whiteout and it comes in on Ryan and Rebecca in a funky office - think Google with various Alice in Wonderland themes. (Most of this set is CGI as we won't be spending time in Reality during the series - viewers with HD can make out more detail accordingly - in the hd screener parts are still unfinished green screen).

Ryan is wearing a dark sea green henley, jeans and boots (Jensen's own). There's a jacket as well - but he's not wearing it at the moment. Rebecca's wearing a long white button down shirt over jeans and boots and has a pea coat not being worn at the moment.

The Grimms appear to be bored.
Ryan: Rebecca
Rebecca: Ryan
Ryan: Rebecca
Rebecca: Ryan
Ryan: Rebecca
Rebecca: Ryan

In different inflections (like DUDE) indicating that Ryan is bored and whiny and deciding to torment her and she's on her last nerve with it. He keeps holding a clear acrylic box with some weird USB thing inside. Rebecca keeps preventing him from playing with it.

Ryan: Rebeeeeeeca
Rebecca: Oh for chrissake - HE'S COMING IN AS FAST AS HE CAN.

Another whiteout. Rebecca is on the phone pleading with Chester who appears to be stuck on the interstate (eagle earred viewers will catch that Billy Campbell (the original Chester) appears to be feeding Alona lines from off camera). Ryan's desk is completely rearranged from the scene before and he's re-arranging Rebecca's in the background. Ryan suggests locking up the "Usurper" somewhere until morning. Rebecca's reaction indicates Chester heard that and dissapproves - GREATLY.

Chester: That chip is not safe until it's in its server slot.

Another whiteout
News Report: (11 o'clock news) Four separate accidents on 3 different highways have cause the worst traffic jam in the city's history. They're getting reports of people stuck since rush hour. Pull back as Ryan's head goes past the tv. Rebecca and Ryan are having office chair races down the cubicle coridors and Rebecca wins. She marks a whiteboard wall that indicates they have had several races and even other competitions. (Posters are free to make up all the games that appear on the board. Rebecca appears to be winning most of them, but Ryan is ahead on the chair racing.) Ryan turns off the news. (He appears to have put on the jacket at some point.)

He marches over with determination and grabs the Usurper. Rebecca protests but she is obviously over the waiting too.

Rebecca: You know what he's like. If we don't keep it safe to his definition of safe, he'll make our lives hell for months.
Ryan: The chip's only safe in it's server slot? I'm going to go put it in it's server slot. If Chester wants to fire me for stealing his thunder, he can.
Rebecca: Ryan! We're a programming unit. You know he'll fire me too. He's got that whole yin-yang balance thing -

Ryan's already left and Rebecca's getting ready to follow when the phone rings. It's Chester and he's 2 minutes out. Rebecca hurriedly gets off the phone and chases after Ryan. She gets to the server room and he's not there. (The server room is notable for apparently being pink. My shout out to Disney's Chesire Cat - the black server boxes and white plastic towers create the same color scheme.)

She pauses and looks around - he's obviously not there. She works her way back to the cubicles and he's not there either. She's beginning to go back down the hall with a "what the hell?" look on her face when someone yells "Rebecca!" (Chester - not shown)

Black Scene Marker

Ryan is on the ground and unconscious. Dante is leaning over him and waking him up. Dante's wearing a linen homemade shirt, brown leathers and boots. He's got a messenger bag on. Leather bracers and belt as well. A blue onyx stone on a leather cord too.

Dante: Come on, buddy, let's go. Places to go, villages to plunder.
Ryan slowly comes to and Dante helps him up. They are in a lightly wooded area - definitely outside.
Ryan: (as he realizes he's outside) What the hell just happened?
Dante: (puzzled) I - who are you?
Ryan: (uncertainly holds out hand, which Dante shakes immediately) Ryan Grimm.
Dante: Grimm? Really. Not Ryan the Ravager or something. That's refreshing.
Ryan: What? Look. What happened? How did I get here?
Dante: (surprised) You don't know? Don't you have to - I don't know - "start the game"?
Ryan: - the game? What? You mean this is a virtual? When did I get plugged in?
(thinks a moment)
The chip. I was putting the chip in the server - and then -
Dante: (watching him) You're - you're just you, aren't you?
(Off Ryan's look, he starts rummaging in a pack (similar to a messenger bag) and produces a mirror) Here. Who do you see?
Ryan: (playing along, but barely keeping his peace) Me.
Dante: As you. Not as someone else?
Ryan: (a hint beginning to form) You mean an avatar? No. I'm me. "As me" and no one else.
Dante: I'll be damned.
Ryan: Where am I?
Dante: You're in the Dominion. How did you get here?
Ryan: (disbelieving) The Dominion?! As in the fictional game world?
Dante: How did you get here anyway? What's the last thing you remember before I woke you up?
Ryan: (looking in his hand) I was in my server room at work. (holds up the Usurper) I was putting this away and then I was here.
Dante: (cautiously looking at the Usurper) What -

Jack approaches and yells at Dante to leave Ryan alone. Jack is wearing similar made clothing to Dante but of higher quality - white poet shirt, black pants, shiny equestrian boots and has a military looking beige long coat. Also a rapier. Jack and Dante call each other by name - they obviously know and loathe each other. They argue as if it was a continuation of a previous argument. Ryan looks baffled and keeps staring around like he's never seen Vancouver before. Jack seems friendly to him and is assuming that Dante was about to kill him. Dante's slightly bitter about that as no one's asked but he's "always helping out anyway" and he's tired of always "being the bad guy when there are Avvies aplenty to play the role". Jack looks over at Ryan and asks if he's alright.

Odd cut (scene missing)

Jack and Dante head towards Ryan who has backed off. Jack is obviously positioning himself between Dante and Ryan. Dante notices and is insulted by it. Jack seems genuinely alarmed by Dante's attempt to get close to Ryan and is facing Dante, backing towards Ryan with his hand on his sword. Dante is getting a little manic as he starts ranting about how Ryan is obviously important and from "there" and "not displaced". The overall effect is that Ryan isn't too thrilled with either of them coming close and backs up more. Jack is yelling to "Stand Down! Villian!" when a humming noise starts. Dante starts ranting about he's helping Bremen and that it's the only home he's ever known - not that anyone's ever made him welcome - etc.

Ryan hears the humming.

Ryan: Shut up! Both of you! (Both immediately do. Plot point: People of Dominion will always do what Ryan tells them because he is obviously a Hero.) Do you hear that?
Both obviously do and all three look around. Jack spins to face Ryan and stares at his hand.
Close up: the Usurper chip is slightly glowing. Jack snatches the chip.

Jack: What is this? (to Dante) One of your toys? (to Ryan) Did he give it to you?
Ryan: No, wait, give that …

The humming noise crescendos and a vortex (green and gold with an fx of branches (like the credits) reaching out and swirling). It is apparently sucking up the forrest and Jack (being closest) loses his footing first. Ryan starts to reach out and grabs Jack as he loses his footing himself. But it's ok as Dante as grabbed hold of Ryan. Dante is fighting getting debris out of his eyes and seems to be trying to look away but can't. Jack catches Dante's eyes and looks surprised that Dante's trying to save him. He smiles and tells Dante, "Save yourselves"

Jack lets go and Ryan overbalances. Ryan starts to go but there's a break in the debris and Dante can see the field beyond. His eyes oversaturate with blue (leading to Dune references) and there's a blue-out.

It comes back on Rebecca now sneaking around the offices (which doesn't make a whole lot of sense because scenes are missing). She's back in the server room and is checking the big sparkly server. She seems disappointed when the USB slots are all empty and turns to go. There's a BOO JUMP as Chester (Joe Flanigan! HI JOE!) is right there. Joe's in what was a tux before he lost the jacket, tie, cumberbund, gloves, etc. He looks PISSED.
Chester: Where is it? Did you take it?
Rebecca: What? The Usurper? No, it's not —
Chester: (grabbing her) Don't lie to me!

Rebecca throws him off and in the process they knock over the server tower which almost falls. There's an amusing moment when both forget their argument and grab for the server rack. They VERY GENTLY pull it back and it CLANKS back into place with a jarring motion - making them both wince. Geeks united.

The Usurper is prominently in the slot that was just empty. Chester GRINS at Rebecca who is staring over his shoulder at Jack who has appeared from thin air behind them. Jack spins in circles a couple of times before focussing on Chester still shaking Rebecca.

Commercial placcard

Jack recovers first. Chester is still invading Rebecca's space and is still holding one arm. Rebecca is in shock and looks frightened. Jack immediately pulls out the rapier and loudly orders Chester to "unhand the maiden". Chester's reactions are surprised but not as disbelieving as Rebecca's . Jack swings the rapier and Chester runs around the server rack.

Chester: Now you look like you're from the Dominion.
Jack: Sir, I am Jack. The Giant Killer.
Chester: (genuinely looks impressed) A hero, no less. Ok, I can see that we've made a bad impression, but I can explain.

Jack gently moves Rebecca out of the way and smiles at her. Rebecca is just frozen. Jack chases Chester around the rack and Chester has his cell phone out.

Chester: Security! Hi. You need to come back to the server room. Yes. Again. NOW.
Jack: Villian! (and tries to stab through the rack)

Rebecca has. had. enough. She grabs the Usurper chip out of the Cypher and takes off. Chester chases her and Jack chases Chester.

(Cut to lobby) Rebecca runs into security guards who recognize her and are initially happy she has the Usurper. Then Chester comes running down the hall yelling to stop her. Jack immediately runs out after him, waving the sword above his head and shouting something appropriately swashbuckling. EVERYONE stares at him form a beat and then all hell breaks loose. One guard holds Rebecca by the arm as she struggles, the rest charge Jack. A Keystone Cop style slapstick follows. Chester tells the guards to "subdue him for a minute while I straighten this out" and goes to Rebecca. As he reaches her, Rebecca elbows the guy holding her and takes off for the door.

Under orders not to shoot and not knowing just what the hell is going on, the guards are manuvered by Jack onto a rug. He actually yanks them off their feet, jumps from floor to table to chandellier and swings over Chester - who takes a moment to be entertained by it - and runs out after Rebecca. The guards get up and give Chester a "What. The. Fuck." look as they pass on the way out.

Alone in the lobby, Chester holds up the Usurper Chip and GRINS.

Outside, Jack has stopped cold and is gaping at… everything. Rebecca spots him as she reaches her car. She is obviously conflicted but yells at him to run. He runs over in a daze and she gets in. He mimics her movements to get into her car and is fascinated by it. The security guards run out and start to call to close the gates when Chester calls from the door to let them go.

Chester: I've got what I need.

Commercial placcard.

The meadow near the woods where Ryan woke up. There's a blue/white flash and Dante and Ryan are now standing in it. Dante immediately lets go of Ryan and backs up as if he expects to be hit. Ryan is disoriented and looks behind him to the woods where the effects of the vortex are still being felt.

Ryan: Did you just … teleport us over here?
Dante: (very cautiously, unsure if Ryan's ok with it) No. Kinda. OK, yes. I did. Did you want to get pulled in too?
Ryan: No! (sincerely) Thank you.
Dante: (caught off guard) What?
Ryan: Dude. You just saved my life. I don't care how you did it. (beat) How did you do it?
Dante: (uncomfortable) I just do. Always have. Well, not with that - (makes whirly motions with hands) - whatever that was. But yeah. I look somewhere and I'm just there.
Ryan: That's so cool.
Dante doesn't know how to respond.
Ryan: Look, what the hell just happened to me? No offense, I'm glad to be alive, but I'd REALLY like to go home now.
Dante: (nods) We should check in town. Someone there will know.

The camera pulls back to show a typical fantasy rpg village nearby. Dante starts walking and indicates that Ryan should follow. With a look back to where the vortex was, Ryan does.

Dante: (GRINS) Are you ok? I've never really tried to take someone with me. Have you checked your toes? (genuinely laughs as Ryan falls for it)


Billy Campbell was originally set to play Chester but needs to back out with a family emergency. Joe Flanigan is recast in the role. As a result all of Chester's scenes need to be reshot. During the reshoots, the production offices get word that Hellcats is coming back and something will be bumped.

Production releases the pilot as is in the hopes of generating some buzz - most of Chester's scenes are missing. The ploy works to some extent as FOX commissions 9 episodes to use as a mid season replacement rather than can the series entirely.

  • With the openning scene completely missing, it's not entirely clear that the Grimms are siblings and not, in fact, married. As they are played by Alona and Jensen, the carry over SPN fans ship them.
  • leading to incestuous fanfic
      • Called R-Squared or R2 by fandom and less commonly Grimcest by the old SPN Fen
  • and more posting wank when fans of Ryan are pissed off that they "rewrote" them as siblings to build Dante as a love interest
  • create a rivalry between the R2 shippers and the Rebecca/Dante shippers that will last for the life of the series because of the perceived "rewrite" to make them siblings instead of partners/couple
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