Jack, the Giant Killer

Jack was originally going to be a regular and be the love interest for Rebecca. The storyline was too boring on it's own and morphed and slowly became merged with the Chesire Cats and gave birth to the Dante character.

original Jack: He was from HERE - not the alternate dimension. he basically stole and lied and then got trapped over in the alternate dimension where things are all - the blondes are always good, the dark haired guy is always bad.
I need a blonde Rebecca because Jack sides with her because the blonde girl is always the heroine and Chester looks like a bad guy Yeah - my thing is that when Jack shows up? He litterally POPS UP and must pick Alona over Joe IMMEDIATELY so "blonde fair maiden" - "dark and menacing villian"!!! NEVER FEAR, I SHALL RESCUE YOU!
and she's like "um." and Chester eyerolls and runs away to call the cops

Jack is still from Reality but is much more "heroic" now and dies for Rebecca. It's also because he is a "classic" hero, who believe that good is a case of black and white. This will lead him to not trust Dante's ways so as the others are teleported to safety, he remains behind. He doesn't believe that the hero of the story can die. Even as he is dying, this belief will make him believe that he is only dying because it wasn't his story - but Ryan's - who he will call name the hero.

This deathbed "passing of the guard" will be heard by the Residents in the same terms we would hear a prophecy. Ryan will have to live with the "Hero" title forever. Rebecca will be sparred this in part because the Princess or the DiD roles are not "The Hero" in the classics.

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