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Season 1

The S1 Promo campaign was of the book with images spilling out And the tag is "Once Upon A Time…" - Jensen holding it: "…there was a boy." Alona: "… there was a girl." Both: "… there lived a brother and sister." similiar to - this

Opening Theme Song: Life Less Ordinary
The opening credits start with a title "Grimms" card and feature a storybook drawing the various actors into a scene with their names to the opening chords and a modified version of Carbon Leaf Life Less Ordinary
Live a less ordinary
Live a life extraordinary with me
Live a life less sedentary
Live a life evolutionary with me
A modified bridge occurs with the lyrics: You blew away my storm and strife, And shook the bones of me, shook the bones of me
By the way, I do know why you stayed away, I will keep tongue-tied next time as the credits fade to the title card.

End Credits: God Only Knows
The End Credits are set to a looping chorus of The Beach Boys God Only Knows and typically include bloopers and behind the scenes video and stills. — The stills are usually Jensen's or from the disposable fish-eye cameras we leave around the set for anyone to use.

  • 101. Once Upon A Time +++ Screener Version +++ Special Guest Star: Paul Bettany as "Jack".
    Rebecca and Ryan Grimm discover a deadly secret when Ryan is displaced while working on a new computer game. Dante helps Ryan escape a vortex.
  • 102. Jack, The Giant Killer Special Guest Star: Paul Bettany as "Jack".
    Rebecca meets Jack while trying to retrieve the Usurper chip from Chester. Ryan learns about the Dominion and the real Brothers Grimm.
  • 103. The Fox and the Cat Special Guest Star: Paul Bettany as "Jack".
    With Jack's help, Rebecca contacts Ryan in the Cypher and discovers the truth about Charles Chester. Ryan learns more about the Brothers Grimm and his newfound powers.
  • 106 - "Nix Nought Nothing" Special Guest Star: Beyonce
    Rebecca finds herself the "prize" in a village competition. Ryan's amusement ends when he discovers he's won a bride of his own.
  • 108 - "The Red Shoes"
    The Grimms new friend, Jacob, reveals that Dante is related to Charles Chester, leaving the Grimms doubting Dante's loyalty.

End original filmed episodes. 110 -116 ordered later and filmed months after the wrap on 109.
Fans begin the "pixie dust" campaign for a second season. The pilot was made, but only picked up for 9 episodes. and then not put on the fall schedule. and then it came on for a mid season replacement and after the first 4 it got pulled for super bowl and then olympics I mean reruns of the first 4 and the reruns of the show it replaced so it comes back in late February and get an order for another 7 episodes so s1 is 16 episodes

  • 110 - "The Bremen Town Musicians"
    Chester's arrival in the Dominion has triggered more displacements than ever, causing the residents to turn on the Grimms and Dante.
  • 111 - "The Wolf and the Fox"
    In the aftermath of the events in Bremen, Chester and Dante are imprisoned and their teleportation magically stripped. While the Grimms negotiate for their release, Dante confronts Chester.
  • 112 - "Mother Hulda" Guest Starring: Samatha Ferris (returns season two)
    The Grimms are befriended by an old woman who claims to have artifacts from the Brothers Grimm.

Season 2

  • it was supposed to be cancelled but then the "pixie dust" campaign happened and it got renewed
  • so s2 there are OTHER dimensions now bleeding over into Dominion
  • Some are from fairy tales
  • some are more recent creations the games the programmers were creating
  • The Cypher Server was pulling all sorts of dimensions towards reality dimension
  • when Ryan breaks the hold on reality (and yes I'm wording it like that) over Dominion, Dominion starts colliding with the others
  • some respond to the programming
  • some don't
  • and Chester is NOT AMUSED that Cypher dimensions don't respond to him and slowly becomes an ally over s2

The Year of Crossovers

  • In one episode, a Stargate is spotted by more eagle-eyed viewers with David Hewlett in generic black military garb walking towards it talking to Jason Mamoa who is sans dreadlocks but otherwise dressed as Ronon.
  • In another episode, while on approach to a town, what appears to be a Quidditch set of goals can be seen in the far back. One of the characters is dressed in the similar mock-rugby gear

Season 3

  • In s3 there is TOTALLY an episode called "How Dante Got His Purr Back"
  • by s3 we're at war with Halo verse and no one even remembers that Chester used to be a bad guy
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