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Fandom Response and Notable Wanks:

  • and you know that even though it only lasted one season the fandom was batshit
  • and when the first 4 aired and then yanked there was wank when someone posted about the sexist cliches that the white blonde people are all good and chester - who is dark haired is the bad guy
  • and people responded "but that's the POINT" and the OP was "but it SHOULDN'T BE" show has a responsibility to show other hair colors and races as good guys
  • and if they did the ratings would be better
  • and there are some people who try to be reasonable and point out that it's only been FOUR EPISODES but no one pays attention to them
  • Plus? The screener copy that was leaked prior to the premiere was incomplete - and specifically, the information that Rebecca and Ryan are siblings is very easy to miss
  • leading to incestuous fanfic
  • and more posting wank when fans of Ryan are pissed off that they "rewrote" them as siblings to build Jack as a love interest
  • because then Jensen and Alona are siblings - which is funny in its own right
  • and we can continue the MEEN TO DEEN fandom
  • and that the actor playing Dante is gay?


A screener copy of the pilot is released on the internet prior to the Fall season. Then the network decides that the series will be a mid season replacement. The screener copy is not complete. The openning scene is completely missing and it picks up right when Rebecca has discovered Ryan is missing. As a result, it's not entirely clear that the Grimms are siblings and not, in fact, married. As they are played by Alona and Jensen, the carry over SPN fans ship them.

Several comms and forums sprout up over the internet. On LJ, grimms_dominion catches on and becomes the largest community.

After 101 "Once Upon A Time"

When the siblings actual relationship is revealed, entire fanfics become AU, and R-Squared (called Grimmcest by the SPN Fen) becomes the norm. Fandom generally takes it in stride and sarcastically wonders if there's something Jensen needs to talk about. Some fans wonder if it is a rewrite to accommodate the Dante character. Interviews with the writers and cast do not completely quell this rumor.

After 104 "Hansel and Gretel"

The show attracts attention from several GLBT blogs and magazines with the Dante character who is openly declared bi.

Hiatus Wank

There's a month hiatus as the network chooses to run re-runs and movies rather than compete with the Super Bowl and Olympics being held that year. Fandom's not sure it's the best idea for ratings, but the real talk on the forums is a post blasting the show's portrayal of women and minorities. There's a trend emerging that all the Caucasian Blond People are always the "good guy" and the Dark Haired/Skinned People are always the "bad guy". Blonde women (including Rebecca) are on a pedestal and other women are servile to Ryan. The triggering event for the post seems to be the constant implications that Dante can't be trusted when the OP considers him to be a noble character.

Reactions to this post vary greatly. While the trend is visible, some feel that four episodes aren't enough to judge. Others feel that the trend is a deliberate attempt on the show runners part to turn the cliche on its ear. Others take up the view that it's not entirely up to the show runners as the source material (Grimms' Fairy Tales) are sexist and slanted by nature. The OP and supporters response to this latter view result in 2 separate reports on Fandom Wank. The OP and supporters become more commonly known as the Dominion Xenas. They are noted for their tendency to favor the Dante character while accusing the writers of not knowing how to write the Rebecca character properly.

After 106 "Nix Nought Nothing"

The Dominion Xenas are briefly united with the RyanGirls in their displeasure with the episode. Dante's "choosing" Rebecca is seen to be making him "bi in name only". Beyonce's performance as Ryan's love interest is not received well. The network is accused of stunt casting. The writers are simultaneously accused of perpetuating the "blonde is best" and "dark skin is bad" problems the show exhibits - all with the same character.


An interview with the show runner shocks fandom with the reveal that the creator is a woman and that she reads some internet forums. She uses the term "Dominion Xenas" in the interview. Many forums play "guess the sockpuppet" and several skittish bloggers take down fic and lock their posts. The LJ community, dominion_xenas stops accepting new members, spawning the new communities: grimms_wenches and grimms_xenas

After 109 "The Twelve Brothers"

There's more critical GLBT praise for the show for the end scene, where a distraught Dante is physically comforted by Ryan and not Rebecca.

Pixie Dust Campaign

Another interview with the show runner reveals that a second season is being discussed. Fandom unites and sends "Pixie Dust" (glitter tubes) with postcards relating to fairy tales. Example text: Once Upon A Time, Grimms was renewed for another season. And Season 2 Grimms: just sprinkle pixie dust.

After 111 "The Wolf and the Fox"

A critic and fan fave, the episode features Dante and Chester and cements the fandom Chester/Dante slash pairing. The backstory for Cheshire Cats and Dante's personal history is explored - it's rated the all time favorite episode in fan polls. The episode also marks the first appearance of Danneel Harris in an uncredited cameo.

After 114 "Snow White and Rose Red"

At a Stargate convention in Vancouver, David Hewlett and Matt Bomer crash Joe Flanigan's panel. Both actors speak as if a season 2 is a done deal, leading to a server crash on the network's website as fans try to confirm it. More Stargate fans, intrigued by Bomer's banter with the SG actors, seek out the online community.

After 116 "Go Forth and Learn What Fear Is"

The season one finale boasts the best ratings yet and a second season is announced. At the end of the episode a "Thank You, Fans" card is shown prior to the credits - the letters are made of glitter

End Post.

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