111 The Wolf And The Fox

Kat says:
so in 110 - Chester takes over and the Grimms are almost caught
Dante serves himself up as a decoy so they can get away
but now Chester has figured out that Dante is a Chesire and that he doesn't quite know it
so he kinda tries to make ammends
in the end, the Grimms prove that it was Chester causing the problems and the town imprisons both Dante and Chester
leading to 111 - the Wolf and the Fox
where we lock up Chester and Dante, take away their ability to teleport for the sole purpose of having an excuse to make an entire episode of exposition on what the hell a Chesire is
and why Dante doesn't know he is one
MetalliBitch Clex says:
Oh, like Sex and Violence for the post-AHBL demons.
Kat says:
this is also part of what I was telling Clex last night.
Sara says:
Kat says:
in 110, Chester has everyone convinced "the Grimms did it" and that he saved them
Dante helps them escape and is floored that they still want him to come with them.
but Jacob comes back and recognises Chester.
Ryan and Rebecca are all "What's with the killing? Don't you people have any punnishments OTHER than DEATH?!"
and they find themselves defending Chester too.
but the focus of the episode is really Dante and Chester in the jail cell thinking they're going to die.
Dante asks if they really ARE related and Chester says they aren't especially.
Sara says:
Kat says:
Yes - I figure fans take it as canon that some where there's a town where FUCK OR DIE actually occurs on a daily basis.
but the focus of the episode is really Dante and Chester in the jail cell thinking they're going to die. The cell had an anti teleporting spell on it and they had similar ropes - which they used to catch Dante to begin with.

Dante asks if they really ARE related and Chester says they aren't especially.

Dante reveals his parents were killed by a mob when he was a child. So he's only got vague memories at best.

Chester is kinda softened == plus it's been over 100 years since he's seen one of his own kind
and he tells Dante that they are indeed "chesire cats" although he doesn't know why "cats"
Sara says:
Kat says:
(yeah I'm c/ping from last night with clex)
and at the end, Chester's mocking wanting a family.
"You'll never get one."
and then Rebecca and Ryan come in and they've gotten them bannished instead of killed.
and are all *HUGS*
and want to know if Dante's going with Chester
Dante says to Chester, "I've already got one."
and just leaves with Rebecca
so only Ryan and Chester are left
and Ryan asks if Chester needs to go with them to be safe
and Chester (Joe Flanigan remember) GRINS and says "What makes you think I was ever caught?"
and then fades slowly out and the last thing to fade is his GRIN
and you realize he stayed in jail because DANTE was trapped by the spell but that Chester NEVER WAS
and fandom EXPLODES with Chester/Dante
Sara says:
Kat says:
and prison kink
cause really.
Bomer and Joe EMOTING at each other for a whole ep?
Sara says:
Jensen should maybe examine why all his shows end in prison kink
but srsly
DA had the cells in Manticore
and now this
Kat says:
He has a niche
also the cell from Designate This is totally what I picture.
Sara says:
Kat says:
Dante and Chester sitting side by side on the bunk talking
the actors haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate us for the amount of pages
Sara says:
Kat says:
so to make Joe happy, Chester makes things out of various debris.
litterally - cat toys
that both take turns playing with.
like idly - not even realizing they're doing it - vibe
Sara says:
srsly why would you ever buy cat toys
sure they are fun
Kat says:
I buy them for the wrappers
Sara says:
but you can just wad up some paper or give them a bottle cap
Kat says:
but yes - just like that.
it even starts with Joe holding up a string and Matt trying to bat it and declaring "too short" in an aside so that for the rest of Matt's speech Joe's trying to find things to make it longer
Sara says:
…I just discovered a clump of Merry fur by the wheel of my chair. um, sorry Merry.
Kat says:
and after every commercial break there are MORE toys
Sara says:
lol string
that's awesome
Kat says:
but the toys keep multiplying during the commercials.
people make that part of the drinking game.
Joe produces a prop out of nowhere. Sip.
Sara says:
Kat says:
Matt appears distracted by one of Joe's cowlicks. Drink.
Sara says:

Mom points out that as contained cats - they would be very restless, vocal and suffering from claustrophia - all of which makes them hot, sweaty and shirtless.

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