110 The Bremen Town Musicians

Kat says:
so in 110 - Chester takes over and the Grimms are almost caught
Dante serves himself up as a decoy so they can get away
but now Chester has figured out that Dante is a Chesire and that he doesn't quite know it
so he kinda tries to make ammends
in the end, the Grimms prove that it was Chester causing the problems and the town imprisons both Dante and Chester

Kat says:
in 110, Chester has everyone convinced "the Grimms did it" and that he saved them
Dante helps them escape and is floored that they still want him to come with them.
but Jacob comes back and recognises Chester.
Ryan and Rebecca are all "What's with the killing? Don't you people have any punnishments OTHER than DEATH?!"
and they find themselves defending Chester too.

Dante - pre series - had figured out that it was a game of some sort to the people displacing the avatars. Rebecca feels horrible when she gets to a village that's from a game her and Ryan created.
Someone overhears them talking about it and blames them for making the game
They meet Jacob who's been studying the displacements and knows about chester
he follows them to the next episode and tells them that Chester and Dante are related
but as it turns out Jacob wants the Grimms book so he can write his own code and be king

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