109 The Twelve Brothers

in 109 Chester makes it across and uses the displacement and programming as a weapon
- as it turns out Chester is just another chesire
but Dante doesn't really know WHAT he is - just that he's different
and Chester is like him, so Dante thinks they're related.
at the end of 109 - Chester is the bad guy and Dante had to choose between his possible father and the Grimms
and he picks the Grimms
and just breaks down sobbing because he wanted a family so badly
Sara says:
MetalliBitch Clex says:
Kat says:
and because it's a DADDY issue he just turns and grabs on to Ryan instead of Rebecca
and Ryan just sits with him slightly rocking
and that's how the episode ends
MetalliBitch Clex says:
And, lo, another slash pairing was born.
Kat says:
After 109 "The Twelve Brothers"
There's more critical GLBT praise for the show for the end scene, where a distraught Dante is physically comforted by Ryan and not Rebecca.

They meet Jacob who's been studying the displacements and knows about chester
but as it turns out Jacob wants the Grimms book so he can write his own code and be king
he follows them to the next episode and tells them that Chester and Dante are related
So Jacob's a baddie, but Dante didn't realize before that Chester was a Chesire.
So now he knows and realizes that one of his people is STUCK in a alt dimension
so in 109 he figures out how to contact Chester using the book to link to the Cypher
and Chester is all "HELP ME> THERE IS NO MAGIC HERE"
and so Dante helps him through
and Chester is all "Great. And now I shall control the displacements and make people do things my way.
so 109 ends with Chester having all the Grimm artifacts and Dante on his side and the Grimms captured by flunkies

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