106 Nix Nought Nothing

Ryan thinks he's buying the basket of food.
He's bought a bride
Actually what happens is they go to a village and Rebecca and Ryan make everyone unavailable to be avatars.
and get invited to participate in the festival to celebrate.
And Rebecca is all "Sure. I can cook a basket."
and Dante gets all huffy.
so the next day, she gives him his own batch of cookies - thinking that's why he was upset.
and he figures out - "You don't realize what kind of festival this is, do you?"
cause people disappearing and dying - the population's down
so they have a Dating Game/Buy a Bride festival
so now Rebecca's all WHAT?!
And starts LECTURING from the stage
and the entire village is all gaped mouth.
and the auctioneer is all "… um" So Dante says "20 coin" SOLD and they like SHOVE her off stage
and she is STILL ranting when they get outside and run into Ryan who's all NOMNOMNOM on the delicious chicken from the basket he bought
at which point Rebecca shuts up looks and Dante and they both crack up
and it's not until 113 that Rebecca realizes Wait. Are we MARRIED?!

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