103 The Fox And The Cat

Narrator Sarcasm

Previously on Grimms: Rebecca and Ryan are called "the Programmers Grimm" and Ryan woke up in a field to meet Dante, who flirts non-stop.

Jack said he was the Giant Killer and then there was a storytime moment with a Grimms Fairy Tale Book.

Jack tells Rebecca while Dante tells Ryan that fairy tales are real and from another dimension. Ryan said he was stuck in a fairy tale and Dante flirted with him to make him feel better.

No one trusts Dante, which is odd because he seems to be the only one actually helping.

Chester was coo coo for the Usurper chip and attacked Rebecca. Twice. Jack is also coo coo but in much better ways and saved Rebecca. Also twice. Rebecca has a growing crush but still isn't sure she believes him.

Both the Grimms are over the mystery and want answers.


Rebecca and Jack sneak back into work and the server room where Chester is still systematically trying to get the Usurper to work and slowly going even more crazy. They get him out (how?) and sneak in. Rebecca goes over to the server controls and logs in. She gets in the authoring mode and searches for a "character" called "Ryan Grimm". She finds one and attempts to interact with it.

Ryan is still looking at the hologram. Dante is bored and trying to play with the hologram. Ryan sends him for food. Dante leaves as Rebecca makes contact.

Wonder Grimm Powers Activate! Figure out what is going on. Usurper chip pulled Ryan and then in a compensating action, pulled Jack back out. Ryan is thrilled Jack's not dead.

Rebecca and Jack sneak around the office and steal the chip from Chester's office and take it back to the server. Chester realizes what's going and runs in. He goes batshit. Rebecca puts the chip in the slot.
A vortex immediately opens at her feet and she falls through. She doesn't even have time to pull the ship out. Rebecca wakes up in the field with Jack.

With Jack's help, Rebecca contacts Ryan in the Cypher and discovers the truth about Charles Chester. Ryan learns more about the Brothers Grimm and his newfound powers.

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