102 Jack The Giant Killer


First introduction of Narrator Sarcasm:
Previously on Grimms, Rebecca and Ryan were called "the Programmers Grimm" and got yelled at by Chester to keep the Usurper Chip safe. Ryan walked down a hallway and then woke up in a field and met Dante.

Jack ran up and told Ryan not to trust Dante right before a vortex slurped him up. The same vortex tried to slurp up Ryan and Dante. But Dante can make his eyes look funny and teleported them away from the vortex.

Chester was kinda creepy about the chip and then very Gollum-esque about getting back. Jack ended up slurped to our world where he was awesome at beating up day player security guards and then running away with Rebecca.


Fade In: Rebecca and Jack still driving off. Chester calls off Security as he has the Usurper. Rebecca looks over to Jack and demands yet again to be clued in on what is happening.

*** Special Guest Star: Paul Bettany

Ryan's still in the field with Dante and has sorta figured out Dante can teleport.
Ryan: Did you just … teleport us over here?
Dante: (very cautiously, unsure if Ryan's ok with it) No. Kinda. OK, yes. I did. Did you want to get pulled in too?
Ryan: No! (sincerely) Thank you.
Dante: (caught off guard) What?
Ryan: Dude. You just saved my life. I don't care how you did it. (beat) How did you do it?
Dante: (uncomfortable) I just do. Always have. Well, not with that - (makes whirly motions with hands) - whatever that was. But yeah. I look somewhere and I'm just there.
Ryan: That's so cool.
Dante: (GRINS) Are you ok? I've never really tried to take someone with me. Have you checked your toes? (genuinely laughs as Ryan falls for it)

Ryan laughs back and camera pulls back to show a typical fantasy rpg village nearby. Dante starts walking and indicates that Ryan should follow. With a look back to where the vortex was, Ryan does.

Commercial Break.

Grimms Fairy Tales is slammed on a table. Rebecca's showing it to Jack who is somewhat reverent of it.
Rebecca: You're telling me that you're this Jack?
Jack: (suddenly somber) What year is it?
Rebecca: What?
Jack: Your carriage, this place, these things (gestures to the apartment) - how long - what year is it?

Rebecca tells him and Jack is just floored.


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